rent a Mercedes C63 AMG

Rent a Mercedes C63 AMG

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Mercedes C63 AMG - Technical specifications


4.0l V8 Biturbo


476 bhp


0 - 100 km/h in 4,6s


250 km/h

Mercedes C63 AMG Rental Prices

daily rental

100km included

weekend rental

300km included

weekly rental

500km included

monthly rental

1000km included

additional kilometers after rental: 4€ / security deposit: 2.500€ in cash or via credit card

The Audi R8 is available for rent at 15 locations in Germany

Who should rent a Mercedes C63 AMG

The Mercedes C63 AMG stands for first-class design combined with incredible sportiness. The subsidiary of Mercedes is responsible for the super sports cars - that is, for true performance that impresses everyone.

Under the hood, the C63 AMG has typical AMG fare!

The technical reasons to rent a Mercedes AMG remain the same: An extremely rich-sounding V8 biturbo engine (which even comes close to a naturally aspirated engine in terms of sound!), coupled to a trans-axle dual-clutch transmission and equipped with agile rear-wheel drive. The premium car is ready!

Driving pleasure is guaranteed in any case!

Whereas Mercedes AMG cars used to be regarded more as driving sofa chairs, this excess of comfort is long gone. When you drive the Mercedes C63 AMG, you notice all too clearly that longitudinal and lateral dynamics were clearly placed above luxury qualities in the specifications. And that's a good thing! After all, anyone who rents an AMG doesn't want to glide along softly, but rather to make the roads unsafe with a roar. And so every tour in an AMG is also a great show for the audience at the roadside...

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Frequently asked questions about renting

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Yes, this is possible on request. We will be glad to tell you the exact price of the delivery cost after we know the exact address you want.

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