gift voucher for a week Nissan GTR rental



Product Description

Give away the perfect gift idea for men and women as well: Rent a Nissan GT-R for one week!

What´s included in this gift voucher?

You´re about to purchase an unforgettable rental in a Nissan GT-R!

We want to hand out the best available gift to you, without an further fees or bad surprises. And so we already include the following service in our GT-R gift voucher:

  1. rental of a Nissan GT-R for a full week
  2. introduction in the car in detail
  3. comprehensive insurance
  4. enough time for pictures & videos
  5. shipment of the voucher for free

locations to drive a Nissan GTR in Germany

With a lot of possible rental locations we want to give every GT-R fan to drive the car of this dreams at the location of his choice:

  • Berlin
  • München
  • Hamburg
  • Frankfurt
  • Düsseldorf
  • Stuttgart
  • Köln
  • Hannover
  • Leipzig
  • Dresden
  • Magdeburg
  • Nürnberg
  • Bremen
  • Dortmund
  • Essen

Who should rent a Nissan GTR

There´s a reason why even it´s nickname is quite scary: GODZILLA with its brutal optics is already frightening when standing still! Oversized exhaust pipes, a massive rear end and a presence that only few other sports cars in its class of performance owe are clearly showing you who´s the boss here!

The undisputed highlight – and the reason why everybody should rent a Nissan GTR at least once – is located under its hood: A V6-Biturbo engine with massive 570 bhp that speeds up the car like no other else. Directly connected to a brilliant 7-speed double-clutch-gearbox. Equipped with one oft the most intelligent all-wheel-drives ever. It´s really hard to describe in words what´s the outcome of that combination. Handling, grip and especially cornering speeds are completely out of this world! A feeling more like playing a computer game.

On the other hand it´s quite astonishing that the Nissan GTR weighs impressive 1.8 tons and is equipped like a luxury sedan. So many comfort features, electronic gadgets and a really spacious interior with 4 seats let a ride in a Nissan GTR be a real pleasure not only on a racetrack but also when taking your family for a holiday trip. There´s just one thing: You should have a weakness for some showmanship because understatement is simply not on the list of this car…

Additional information

included kilometer


rental period

7 days


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